Our Shipping and Returns Policy.

Shipping Policy

We will never charge for local pickup or delivery because we are cool like that. However, we will charge you to ship to your brothers, sister cousin-uncle. Unless something has been worked prior to shipping.


We will always discuss shipping before we send anything but we will ship wherever you would like. For online orders, shipping should already be figured in. If you need to ship something back due to size or damage please contact us at info@701apparel.com so that we can discuss return options. Custom orders are custom so the odds of you needing to ship something back are slim but we do learn from our mistakes.

Return & Exchange Policy

Buy with confidence! However, we understand we live in a world where you simply won't come to us if there is a problem, you'll more than likely blast us on social media and if there is a resolution you won't tell anyone about that. So, please come to us first before being an internet tough guy. We want to make it right!


If you aren't 100 percent satisfied, we will do our best to make it right. All returns and refunds have a 30-day return or exchange window unless an agreement prior to purchase was worked out. If you purchased with cash you will be refunded cash as long as the purchase was the same day. Otherwise, we will issue you a check. All other returns will be refunded via the payment source. I.E. Credit Card, Paypal, etc.